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Love Letters Quilt

A diagram of the block,block with sashing, and quilt top is at the end of the post so be sure to read to the end before starting! 
          1/4 yard background fabric
          3/8 yard red fabric for letters and inner border
          1/2 yard brown fabric for sashing, outside border and binding
          3/4 yard backing
          craft size batting
          Thread to match appliqué fabric
          Neutral thread
          Depending on the way you decide to applique the letters you might need 
freezer paper, 4 sheets or 4 pieces cut to 8 1/2" x 11", C&T Wash Away Sheets
 may also be used.
          1/4 yard fusible web if using fusing technique
          Basic rotary cutting, sewing and quilting supplies

          Background fabric, cut 4 squares 7 1/2"
          Red fabric, cut 3 strips 1 1/2" wide
                    cut 8 rectangle 1 1/2" x 7 1/2"
                    cut 8 rectangle 1 1/2" x 9 1/2"
          Brown fabric, cut 4 strips 1 1/4" wide
                   cut 2 rectangles 1 1/4"" x 9 1/2"
                   cut 3 rectangles 1 1/4" x 19 1/4" (2 of these will the be the outside 
                   border, if you prefer, wait to cut them until the quilt top is pieced 
                    and the actual size can be measured)
                   cut 2 rectangles 1 1/4" x 20 3/4", border strips, (if you prefer, wait to 
                   cut the borders until the top is pieced and the actual size can be measured)
          Binding (brown fabric) cut 4 strips 2 1/4" (or your favorite size). The 4 strips will allow enough fabric to miter the strips if desired
Choose a font that you like best, I like the Times New Roman font because it has a 
bit of detail and it has thicker "stem parts".

I printed each letter using a 600 point font size. (Hint: there is not a 600 point size 
in the drop down list so just type it in the font size box.) Because you are printing fonts 
that are part of your software package it is best to do a test fit by laying your 
background square on the printed font to see if all fits well and looks appropriate.
(A light box or sunny window might help in viewing the font under the background,)
***Fonts are measured in points, although point size is an exact measurement, a 
font's actual size can be a bit arbitrary, so please do a test fit, the size of the font might
need adjustments.
Remember to allow for the seam allowance and a make sure a bit of background is 
visible around the letter when choosing or adjusting the font size. 

Depending on how the letters are to be appliqued, print the letters on the appropriate
 paper, a couple of examples are:
1. Freezer paper-print on the dull or paper side,
2. C&T Wash Away sheets print on the non-fusible side. 
If you are using fusible web to attach the letters print the letters out in reverse. 
Applique your favorite way (I love using C&T Wash Away or Freezer Paper but
I will save that for another tutorial!)

Getting your background ready for applique:
Center the letter under the background fabric squares, (a light box might be helpful).
On the right side of the background squares, trace the letters, or just you might want 
to trace just the corners where the letter should be placed, aka placement marks.

Prepare your appliqués using your favorite method. Appliqué the letters in place.

Piecing the quilt top:

Sew the 1 1/2" x 7 1/2" red strips to the sides of each letter, pressing toward the red strips
Sew the 1 1/2" x 9 1/2" red strips to the top and bottom of each letter, press toward the 
red strips. 
Sew the center brown 1 1/4"" x 9 1/2" strip connecting the "L" and "O",
repeat this for the "V" and "E". Press toward the brown strip
Sew the two rows of letters together using the brown  1 1/4""x 19 1/4" strip, 
Add the brown borders by sewing a  1 1/4" x 19 1/4" strip to the top  and also to the
bottom of the quilt top. Press toward the  brown strip. 
Sew the two 1 1/4" x 20 3/4" strips to the sides of the quilt top. Press toward the brown 

Quilt as desired
Bind the quilt top.

A completed "LOVE LETTERS" wall quilts!

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