Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What is in a Name? and Where did December go?

Hi There,
First, Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  Yes I'm sort of late with the wishes, but I'm not sure what happened to December.  There was the usual wonderfulness of Christmas, the after effects of Thanksgiving, an extended trip by Mr Handsome to far away lands and we both had some sort of almost never ending bug, no fun! I guess that is where December went.

Oh also, my sister came for a very sort (actually way to short) visit.  I love when she comes.  My sister is an amazing person and I love it when we have a chance to visit.

So out with the old and in with the new! This new year is bringing some fun to our house, at least to my little world.  I've made the shift from my day job to my business.  Yep-writing patterns, sewing, embroidery and other endeavors are my focus now.   I knew this would happen, the opportunity peaked out over the horizon so I jumped on it! And what is even better, I will have time to write blog posts about stitching, take pictures, write tutorials, be really involved with the sewing/quilting/stitching/embroidery community and this is my happy place!

Okay then, what is with the "What is in a Name" thing? I have a little slice of web eCommerce at but that little space does not really tell anyone what I'm about.  It does serve a purpose as it is listed but there needs to somewhere else that has a name that describes what is actually in this little business, yet I'm stumped about what to call it?

Since I am stumped, I'm asking for help in naming my next little space of cyber fun, Any thoughts?
If you leave a comment, even if you have no idea what to call this cyber spot, I will add you to the giveaway chance list.  I will post the giveaway pictures tomorrow on New Years Day, but I do know there will be a White Bella Solid Charm pack,

and some Wonder Clips (Love the multicolored ones!)

because these can be very useful things! 
 I will use a generator to randomly pick the winner on January the 7th. (I'm sorry but at this time I can not ship internationally, so this is for USA only.)

Thank you,

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