Thursday, June 9, 2016

Creating This and djthreads and messing it up

So I have been trying for sometime to get an other little blog going.  It is  It will possibly take the place of this little space but until I can get it together I think I will do both.  Oh and there is also the blog at Classic Cotton Shop   So I think I will have blog land pretty covered! Now it is time to write!!!!

But first, I must apologize, confess, something!  I have a little store on Amazon, we were going to be gone for a while in April and again in May, we got back home right before Memorial Day, then my computer died, then there was a doctors appointment that was not fun, I decided to close my little store front, and now it is almost the middle of June.  I happened to look at Amazon and to my amazement........... I had orders! Oh I did not know they were there! I THOUGHT I had turned it off, and I would turn it back on after things settled down here.  But I have orders!  One order has been there since May 30th. the others not as long.  I will get them shipped in the morning, but I must say with new blogs, the adjustments to the physical store closing, moving all the inventory to Classic Cotton Shop and having to write more and needing to create samples, etc etc etc is way too much  for this person.  It is time to concentrate on a little less! So the Amazon store will close also!  Do I feel better, not really, but hopefully I can make peace with the Amazon customers.  If I could, I would apologize to the entire customer group at Amazon-I am so sorry!!!!

I guess the lesson here is, keep is simple!(?)

I guess that is it for now.  I'll be back soon Jan

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