Friday, December 13, 2013

Moda 12 Pack Picture and Where Things are Headed

Yes I finally have a picture but it put up a fight and did not want to be placed on the pages of this blog! Techy stuff always a learning experience!
The magic of solid colors still amazes me. When working with prints the actual design in the fabric is usually what makes the project distinct, but with solids it is all about the color! Something about this is a personal thrill. I love color!

The quilts pictured are made from the Moda’s 12 pack series. Each quilt is made up of 12 fat quarters and some of the quilts have a consistent background. My quilt is the Star and Four Patch Quilt made with “Little Things” organic fabric and quilted by Janet Hill.   This is the first time Moda has produced an organic line and the fabric is so soft, I hope this is not the last we see of this!

Oh by the way the quilt was featured on the "Vintage Modern Blog" here.  This quilt is done in Bella Solids, so pretty! It was made by Lisa Calle and quilted by Michelle Kitto of Urban Spools, Irving TX.

Now on to where things are headed.
Yep I like change, and realized that although I am all about needle and thread there are so many other fun adventures out there. I have had the opportunity to step back a bit and really look at what I do with my “fun” time and I see that living in a rut is, well, sort of boring. So I am off to adventures beyond quilts, oh the quilts will still take up most of the space, but I am loving the painted furniture thing, working on decorating my house thing and even making fun dinners and desserts in muffin tins and little jars thing. Maybe the title of the blog should be “Stitching Adventures and Beyond”!

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