Thursday, January 2, 2014

Moda Candy Bars and Candy Boxes Pillows and Making a Console table-Ana White style.

Need to liven up a room?  How about making a couple of pillows, they are an easy, simple and a cost effective way of making a room feel brighter. Moda Bake Shop has a couple fresh ideas using the ever wonderful "Moda Candies" (little packages of 2 1/2" squares). Follow the link for instructions and pictures of these fun projects.
Candy Bars and Candy Boxes Pillows

These pillows use the line "From the Outside In" by Malka Dubrasky, but even bits of left over fabrics from previous projects would be fun to use in making these pillows!

I sort of wanted to move into "spring" bypassing the whole New Years thing, so I thought I would use the Moda Candy pack from the "April Showers" fabric line.

I love this line because it has a print with umbrellas in different color ways, I am smitten with these umbrellas! (There will be more about umbrellas very soon, stay tuned for a near future post.) This is what I have so far, I hope to finish it this weekend.

Now on to the console table!

My kitchen is small.  I have about 30" of counter space and I needed a bit of room for things like bread making, rolling out sugar cookies and pie dough, so I set out to "improve" the situation. I wished a kitchen remodel was lurking around the corner but it will be a while.

I had a goal in mind of creating an island type of cart that could be pushed to the side when not in use.  I spent time on Pinterest, went to second hand stores and thrift stores, I event looked at the big box hardware stores for cabinets that could be used.  I did not find anything that would work.  The best possible solution that I could think of------ I will build one! I think Mr. Handsome wants to run and hide when I tell him I want to build something-he knows he will be involved and I don't think it is his favorite thing to do.  I am learning, but he is soooo good at things like this!

The trail to my solution is going like this:
Ana White is a very talented person and she has written a book called "The Handbuilt Home" (see the picture below.) and her website is:  In the book are instructions for a console table that I thought would be perfect! Well it is an amazing table and we have the majority of it built-but is it not the right size for what I need, oops should have measured first. We will use the table elsewhere so all is not lost but I do need to find a workable solution to my lack of counter space. .

Then a miracle happened! Ana had a "brag post" from a blogger who, like Ana, can create magic with a bit of lumber and hardware.  Amazingly I have found my next solution, it is going to be the Pottery Barn inspired island by the Shanty 2 Chic girls. (Sorry Mr Handsome there will be more building, but it will be a great place to make your favorite, pumpkin pie!)

Ana introducing her book
Shanty 2 Chic inspired island (Love it!)
Here is what we have built so far with the console table that will not be in the kitchen. All it needs are the draw fronts, table top, and bottom shelf with supports. Then there will be sanding, painting, staining etc.  I promise to show pictures of it when it is done.
I am wanting to finish this so I can move onto the real solution to my kitchen dilemma.  
More to come!

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