Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Toys (Silhouette Cameo) and Applique Love Quilt


Sometimes I am very surprised. Early in December Mr. Handsome asked what I might want for Christmas.  Oh yes, there was something beyond the usual socks and pj's but I did not know if it was too extravagant.  Then I some how found an amazing offer for the Cameo Silhouette on a blog.
Mr Handsome was in Canada on business during the sale event and it was a bit tricky trying to get the information to him so hopefully he could order it (international communication is not so easy sometimes).  I had my doubts about the possibilities because of all the logics that were involved at the time.  Would he even see the wonderfulness of this amazing machine?  Would he think I had way too many toys already and so he would pass on this one? Would he even have the time to open my email and see the amazing offer?  I felt like a 6 year old little girl waiting to see if Santa would bring the shiny new pink bike that I wanted.
Well YES he did it! So I now have the software installed on the computer (I had to get through the Christmas/New Years holidays) and today is the day that we begin this new adventure. 
I am looking forward to cutting appliques, envelopes, cupcake boxes, card thingy's and stencils.  And I found out that I can use the Cameo with my design programs to cut appliques that I draw, we will get there after a bit of practice. Oh the fun we will have!
Speaking of Applique.  I have been working on a "Ballard Design" inspired wall quilt.  I will be offering a tutorial with fabric requirements and instructions, it will be added by Thursday afternoon and I will "explain" more about it then.  I had originally wanted it for Christmas but the holiday sort of got away from me so I have it for Valentines Day.  There really is not a season on "Love" is there!

(The pillow is almost done! And happily we are moving into quieter days since the holiday-more time for finishing projects.)

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