Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cabin Adventures

A needed get away!

It was getting to the point that we needed to step away for a few days.  You all know that this happens from time to time.  The laundry was overwhelming, the commute to work was more than one could possibly endure for one more day, and dealing with the "extras" was beyond what the nerves where willing to handle.  Okay it was not at all that bad but it has been quite awhile since we had escaped normal.

Mr. Handsome (aka DH) is an excellent cruise director.  He knows what his clientele requires and what they like, so he set off to find a perfect place to get away from it all and did he succeed in a big way.  He knew we did not have the time right now to migrate to the Aloha state and spend time de-stressing on the Black Sand Beach in Maui, so he set his sights on Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma.  (We have escaped to Maui once before and I'm not sure if we will get to go again-a girl can dream right?)

Mr. Handsome spent time searching the internet  reading web pages about what might be available for shelter and viewing the many slide shows and pictures of possibilities.  He knows his wife appreciates, well actually sort of requires, plumbing within the walls of their shelter so tent camping was not an option. He hit on a site, Vacation Broken Bow Lake and came across a cute little cabin, Moonshine River Retreat. He reserved this little slice of heaven for a couples of nights and we made our plans.

On April 11th we were off. In a few short hours we pulling into the drive of this cute home away from home. I must say the pictures only provided a small snap shot of how good this little excursion was.

Our two bedroom chalet had all the amenities we needed. We had a fire ring for roasting hot dogs and making s'mores, a hot tub for soaking the old bones, horseshoe pit, wireless, dish TV, and it was even situated not far from a really fun lake. Oh let the relaxing begin.

The inside of the cabin was paneled in knotty pin, had a concrete stained floor (I like that, carpet in semi public places gives me the heebie jeebies), and it was clean and modern with a full size frig, stove and gas barbecue grill, it even had an electric coffee pot, this is not a hunting lodge for sure!

So if you are in the need of a little break think about motoring up the road a bit. I can tell you it was a relaxing weekend, it helped to rest our weary souls and put a bit of sparkle back in our eyes.

We are hoping the rest of the family can join us for another Broken Bow adventure because there is plenty for the grand kids and their parents to do.

Talk to you soon.
(Pictures of the quilted Winterlude quilt coming soon!)
 Jan and Dan.

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