Thursday, May 22, 2014

A new to me treasure

I get the Pier 1 commercial about finding something that speaks to you.  About a month ago I was in Angels Attic, an upscale resale store in Grapevine (Texas), and as I wandered through the store I came upon a little area that housed the picture frames, candle holders, pillows and other donated home decor items. In this little spot in the back of the store I heard a little voice say "well hello there". It was a sweet little voice, sort of like a grandma voice and I replied, "well hello there to you". What was "speaking" to me? It was a 301A Singer sewing machine in a well loved little tan suitcase.  Oh I dared not turn the fly wheel because if it worked I would have swooped her up and brought her home to join the family. 

I left that day without this little treasure but it was never far from my mind.  I had hoped that someone would buy her and give her the home she deserved.  Then I returned to the resale store a couple of weeks later and I heard her again; "Well hello again", oh my she was still there, but I did not need another 301A.

I could not get this little machine out of my head! I thought I would check with Mr. Handsome and see what he thought. Sometimes Mr. Handsome has a way of talking me out of purchases like this, but what would I do if he was not in favor of me bringing her home?  Well he did not have a problem with it so yesterday on my way home from work  I stopped at Angels Attic. YES I heard the little voice again! "So glad to see you" she said, then I thought, what am I going to do if the fly wheel does not work, not to worry, it worked!!! We smiled at each other, I paid for her, knowing the money spent would go to worthy charities, and we were on our way home!

Here she is and we are looking forward to many hours of happy piecing.

Just so you know I really don't hear things literally speaking to me, but there are times when they pull at my heartstrings.

Talk to you soon

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  1. Your new friend looks a lot like my new friend. A couple of weeks ago, my Brother froze up on me so I had my hubby take it to our local repair shop. When he got home & told me how much it was going to cost to be repaired, I immediately call them and told them to not bother and I went and picked it back up. I had only paid $160 for it brand new and they wanted $180 to repair it! That is crazy! I posted about what happened and one of my local quilting buddies said that she had just recently bought a Singer 306K at a thrift shop and that I could have it. She had bought it so that it would have a home that she deserved. She even brought it over to my place and helped me set it up! Quilters and such wonderful people!