Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A picture of Just Peachy, although not a great picture.

Although the picture is not the best-here is a bit of my "Just Peachy" quilt top, it is part of a group of "Nine Patch and Neighbors" © projects. The fabric is from an almost vintage fabric line by April Cornell for Moda This quilt would be pretty in ANY fabric, scrappy, planned, brights, civil war and contemporary prints, or even solid-ish fabrics . It is a simple, but fun project.
Peachy does have a play date with the magical machine quilter Maggie, I just need an afternoon to drive her across town which happens to be from one end of the metropolis to the other.  I won't have to pack a lunch but will need an extra diet coke for the trip!!

Remember the "Love Quilt", a fabric version of a wooden design in a home decor store?
  It is quilted! Not in this picture but in real life! Instructions are almost done! Tutorial is on the way! Oh and just wanted you to know I was looking at my new Pottery Barn Kids Back to School catalog-they have the word "Love" done very similarly to this only using pastel squares with white borders and white letters (PB letters are some sort of cardboardy thing, not fabulous fabric). The Pottery Barn idea made with pastels and white solids or even polka dots would be a cute idea for a little person's room. There is so much that can be done with a bit of fabric, printed letters as patterns and an afternoon.

So now I'm off to the "Lab" to see if I can do a pastelly version of the "Love" quilt!

Back soon,

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