Thursday, December 11, 2014

Machine Quilting using my Regular Sewing Machine

For many of us the possibilities of owning a Longarm Quilting Machine is just not in the picture.  Just the logistics of getting one in my house can make for raised eyebrows and snarky remarks from Mr. Handsome, so I continue in quilting frustration (except when I take my quilts to the oh so talented Longarm Quilters in my area).  Quilting on my domestic machine has been a bit of an Achilles heel UNTIL.......

Let me explain:
Have you just wanted to quilt something yourself?  Nothing fancy, maybe just a lap quilt that is not worthy of the talents of a Longarm Quilter, or a baby quilt that will be loved and used.  I have, and I do okay with simple straight lines and "in the ditch" quilting but there was nothing more.   I have taken classes and purchased a bunch of gadgets but my free motion quilting was less than acceptable even for me. Then I found Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures She is an amazing quilter and she uses her domestic machine and she has videos and instructions and and and! Oh I loved what she did with a sewing machine, feathers, swirls and curls, ruler work, but mostly she gave me hope that even I could manipulate fabric under the needle of my machine. But I still struggled until she started featuring a special foot and attachments for the foot.

I did not purchase these right away, because I just did not want to through anymore money away.  I decided that I would not quilt anymore of my quilts ever again (I know, sad but true story!). 

Then I thought, these little attachments are not as expensive as a quilting machine so I would give it a try, use what the experts use right?  So I ordered them, they came, they sat in the package for a week, then I got the courage to try them.  Oh my! What a difference!!!!! LOVE THEM.  Here is a Link to Amy's blog, she can give you all the particulars about what to use, what to get,  and how to use them.  She does an amazing job!  Oh by the way I have an Elna Quilters Dream sewing machine, and the attachments fit on my particular machine, but please consult your machine dealer about these feet if you do not have the machines Amy talks about in here blog posts! Better to know before you buy then, get them and not have them work. 

Just so you know I was not compensated in any way, I am just a happy girl who loves her new quilting attachments!  


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