Thursday, January 15, 2015

******UPDATE****Thursday's Treasures, WHATS ON SALE!

I did make it to Joann's today, and yes they have their premium quilting cottons on 40% off.  The Joann's that is close to me is probably not the best example of the selection they carry, I have heard there are better Joann's than the one I frequent, but I know the discount  is correct!
While I was there pick up some off white denim for a project, yep 40% off tomorrow will be an additional 15% but I was there, oh well. Now I am off to the Lab for a bit of an experiment. Ill take pictures!

Oh and Mina sent a note that DelRay was offering 25% off the entire store, sale ending January 19th!  I found this information in their newsletter at:   Just scroll down a bit, there is a code of SUPER (yes all caps) to enter at check out.  They have the new  Amy Butler line Violette, also Birch Fabrics line Serengeti, and Doe by Robert Kaufman. Thanks Mina!

Today is our first Thursday's Treasures! I love a good bargain and so Thursdays will be our day to hunt for treasures. There is also a helpful little tidbit at the end of the post!

I searched the internet and really did not find many stores with sale treasures.  There were the "usual" places that popped up,, Fabric Depot, Shabby Fabrics.  There were also more of the same that offered instant flashy sales, but what about the more local businesses?  I found a few, I have not shopped at all of the stores but I have had the opportunity to visit with many of the owners, as a simple request or suggestion, check them out and see what their shipping policies, services etc are.   So here is my small but mighty list:
Internet Stores that might also have a local store:

The Quilted Crow

Cabbage Rose Quilting and Fabric

5 bucks a Yard

Desperate Quilters

The Fabric Outlet

The Stitching Post

Ellen Medlock Studio

Special Interest:  
I also received an instagram picture by Patty Young that Joanns was featuring their line of "In Bloom" premium quilting cottons at 40% off, I have not checked this out-yet.
I did receive a 50% off coupon in my mailer that lasts through today, the mailer also has a 15% off coupon for the entire purchase that starts tomorrow. So if the "In Bloom" cottons are on sale there would be a double dose of savings! Joanns also has their decorator fabrics on sale at 60% off, combine that with a 15% off coupon-happy happy day!
The coupons are also available for printing or mobile use and are on their website,

Locally, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area:
I was only able to check out one store this week, Quilters Dream in Colleyville has an ongoing  Tag Sale area, if you are in the area you might want to check them out. 

Just so you know this list will be revised each Thursday, so if you know of a store with a Treasure area or if you are a shop owner and want to be listed please let me know, the best way is through the comment section.  

Tip: Use basting spray to on the back of paper templates to keep them from slipping.  A very light coat is all that is needed. No pinning or distortion from pins! Oh happy day!
My favorites are Sullivans basting spray, Sulky KK2000 or Sulky 505. Please check with your local quilt shop, sewing machine store or store that carries machine embroidery supplies for these products. (Just so you know-all of these temporary spray items are very good for their intended uses!) 

Remember to always test first to make sure there are no unwanted issue!

I am not endorsing the businesses listed above, I did visit their web sites to see what they included in their sale merchandise, but have not contacted them about these.  I do not have any affiliation nor have I received any sort of compensation from any of the businesses or products listed in this article.  


  1. I saw that Del Ray Fabrics is running a 25% off everything in the store sale that's really tempting me

    1. Thanks Mina, 25% off is tempting, especially when you can pick just what you might want! Thanks again