Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Creative Distraction to lift my spirits! (Not the zombie kind of spirits, the emotional kind!)

Sewing 9 patches this evening, they are part of a new design, yea! I like 9 patches, these are smallish, 3" finished 9 patches, they will work well in the block design.

What else has been going on? Well, life is sort of like my 9 patches- a bit ravelly,  that is okay because once they are sewn into the blocks the ravels won't show. These smallish patches are sort of like life, raveled on the edges but life will look better when we get to see things put together.

You know what? I'm grateful for things like sewing because of the distraction, the repetition, the creative focus, and for making bits and pieces into something pretty and useful.  This is where art imitates life, or life imitates art, or something like that.  This is where moments can be spent to enjoy a bit of life and to help tuck in the ravels.

So I'm off to the lab to make 9 patches from bits of leftover reds and tans. I must get these bits and pieces made into the beginnings of a finished quilt.

 Talk to you soon,

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