Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Moda Sampler Shuffle, lets start from the beginning

Yesterday I talked about the Sampler Shuffle by Moda, I introduced the first block but  did not really introduce the actual project so I'll do that today.

The Sampler Shuffle is made up of 30 6" blocks and 3 blocks will be given every week except for Christmas week.

The information we received recommended either 2 jelly rolls, 2 layer cakes, or a jelly roll and layer cake be used.

I think this would also be a good time to use a Fat Eighth Bundle.

 If you want a scrappy quilt just look through your bits and pieces and see if you can find any treasures to use.

The instructions only mention scraps for the background-making this a very scrappy quilt.

 If you want it more "contained" I would suggest buying a specific background in the quantity of about 3 to 4 yards.  Disclaimer: I have not calculated the exact amount of background that is needed so 3 to 4 yards might be too much or a bit too little. I would error on the side of having plenty, I can always use neutrals. This quilt uses small blocks so there will be seams and that means more fabric on the inside of the quilt.  Not a bad thing just a fact.

There is also a requirement for 2 fabrics that require 5/8 of a yard each and 5 fabrics that require 1/2 yard each plus fabric for geese borders  etc.  Find the  finishing instructions here just so you might have a better idea about fabric needs for the body of the quilt and the borders.

So now I will head to my sewing room and make my first block.

Oh one more thing.  I am a bit less scrappy and enjoy more of a consistent color range, so I will probably work with precuts from one line, and a single background.

See you tomorrow for block 2.

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