Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sampler Shuffle Blocks 2 and 3

This week blocks 1 through 3 are provided.  I think it is easier to cut for more than one block, then I can have an extended time sewing (my favorite part), so today we will look at blocks 2 and 3.
Click on the pictures to make them easy to see and read!!!! 
Block 2 is a simple block, no triangles to make so no decisions on cutting.
This block uses 3 fabrics. The design and look of the block can be changed by fabric placement.  

I do have one thought, it might be best to avoid large prints with wide open spaces.  The small pieces might be affected and there is a very real chance that the look of the block will be affected. 

Block 3 
This little block can be a bit challenging.  There are squares, and some units that have pointy ends. The units with pointy ends have "easy corner triangles" sewn to the ends of a rectangle to make a parallelogram.  A big word but an easy technique.  
The fine folks at Moda have provided a special card just for this technique. 
It is easy to do just remember to look at the picture and see how the corners are sewn on. 
I will be adding the PDF files for the blocks and int instructions for the Easy Corner Triangles to Classic Cotton Shop Home page so you can download them to use and keep. 
More to come......

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