Thursday, November 19, 2015

Multineedle Fear, frustration, and where to find help?

Yikes, how many needles? 16 needles! Really? But guess what, the machine only uses one at a time! So why so much fear and frustration? I think it is the steep learning curve, and there is a general uncertainty about this monster that is taking up so much real estate in what ever space it is in.

Oh the fear when my machine showed up! That feeling when things appear scary!

I wanted to run!

Then there was the need to learn about hooping and placement, stabilizers, toppings, machine settings, needles and thread. The list of things to learn seemed so long. But I kept telling myself, the machine only uses one needle at a time-that was not much help.

I sat and looked at the machine, for a while.... but then there is just the need to try! I messed up A LOT.  I hit the needle on the hoop edge, almost embroidered my fingers, ruined pieces and cried buckets of tears.  The worst feeling I had was not the machine but feeling all alone with my fears.

Then I started learning, trying new things and looking for real help.  I did not find much help because multineedle embroidery machines are used in businesses, and they don't want to share, they might give someone a competitive advantage. But there is a bit of help:

Check out you tubes that have information for single needle embroidery, Applique Corner
 has some tutorials that are helpful (and they have cute designs! this is not a paid advertisement, this is just my opinion without compensation).  Also there are gurus (please know I am not one of them, I am learning along the way just like you) like Debra Jones, Joyce Jagger and Eileen Roche.

Eileen Roche can be found at Designs in Machine Embroidery here
Debra Jones is on many sites, but look for her here
Joyce Jagger has amazing information. I currently am learning a bunch from her. She has a subscription service for learning that has been very helpful. You can find her here

There are also industry magazines that offer occasional articles:
All of these publications can be seen digitally and they offer advice and further resources for embroidery.

And as time goes on we will explore the wonderful world of Machine Embroidery here.  I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable with the world of embroidery and I will be happy to share what I learn, my successes and failures and I would love it if you would share also.  Together we can tame these beasts and create beyond our wildest imaginations! (Okay maybe I might be able to get through a pile of towels without spending weeks and hundreds of $$$.)

Next week we talk towels! And everything that is haunting me in the pile of terrycloth!

(Crab and octopus were purchased designs from Desgins by Juju )
Please note there was no compensation for any information given here. Only my opinion was given)

Now on to terrifying Terrycloth!!!!! And happily there will be designs from Emboirdery it


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