Saturday, December 12, 2015

Machine Embroidery Designs, The Letter D

I love letters, I love "love letters" also
but letters are so-well graphic.  One of my favorite letters is the letter "D" because is is the first letter of the last name of the person who has written me love letters, AKA Mr. Handsome. Yes is it the first letter of my last name also, but Mr. Handsome started it!

The letter D:

Machine embroidery is a great way to get the letters you love on things like pillows, shirts, hats, shoes (yes shoes), bags, blankets, etc etc etc. 

But..... there is a side note to embroidery-called digitizing-scary! I don't digitize very well. I'm learning but it is a very steep learning curve. So I'm always grateful when I find businesses that create cute, well designed designs, and Nancy at Embroidery It is creating great usable designs.  She  has an Etsy Store, Etsy Embroidery It  so check out her designs!  

She asked it there were embroidery bloggers who would like to try her designs, I said yes and chose the letter D-the biggest one she has! This D  is for larger hoops and is digitized using a fill stitch, there are two additional letter "D"'s in this down load. (Get more information at her Etsy store).  The large D took a while to stitch out, but it was worth the minutes of stitching.  A little hint-use 2 layers of tearaway or cutaway, depending on what type of fabric you are stitching on, this helps support the stitches. 

The D is stitched in a copper brown color on a Moda Fabric, Prairie Cloth, this is a slightly open weave fabric, sort of burlappy but it is not scratchy! 
Here is my "D" and I wished the picture would do this letter justice. The design stitched out great, and has almost a painted look to it. Love it! 

And just so you know Embroidery It has a other designs like this Candy Cane Holder. This will be one of my next little projects! 
Picture by Embroidery It
I know we are all busy with holiday happenings, but take a minute and check out what Nancy has available!
Now on to the business side of stuff.  I know it has been sort of quiet at Stitching Adventures.  We had Thanksgiving, now there is Christmas and seasonal stuff (colds, slip and fall-no broken things though, and all the other stuff that happens this time of year). Oh please don't think I don't love Christmas and the holidays, I do, but I am looking forward to all the busyness of the season to slow down so the main focus is actually on the Joy of the Season. I am getting there!!!!

We left off with the need to visit about Terrifying Terrycloth, that is happening next Thursday.  There are also projects coming up including a 45 degree design, pillow tutorial, and an upcoming series called Make A (?) (yeti is willing to help with the Make A (?) so it should be fun) And there will be more learning about embroidery-I had a request for working with Minky type fabrics, embroidery on hats and getting ready for spring graduations, weddings and new babies. Sounds fun. 

Also before I go I wanted you to know that no money was exchanged for the embroidery of the letter D, I did receive a free file that contained the letter.  The opinions and stitching you see here for the letter D are strictly my own. 

Lets visit again soon, 

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